How we do it

Across Europe 70% of houses are inefficient.

Do you feel your home is inefficient, cold, costing you too much to heat? Would like to move to more renewable solutions and have your home retrofitted?

The Energy Team can help you achieve this.


Contact our office and provide us with your contact details and your thoughts of what you would like to achieve




We will travel to you and advise you on the whole process



If you wish to progress your application, we can manage the full end to end process for you. We will provide an engineer’s assessment and report that will guide you on what you need to do. We can recommend or provide approved installers, guide you towards sources of funding and can handle all paperwork to assist you in obtaining grants for the work.

What You Need to Know

We at the Energy Team are focused on spreading awareness across the region around the benefits of sustainable energy & how it can greatly improve your overall quality of living.

Below are the steps and procedures we use to walk you through the process of creating better energy and living standards within your home.


Once you contact our office, you will need provide your name, phone number, home and email address so we can provide you with the information you need to submit an application. We will guide and assist you through this process.

We will discuss the details and look more into your current heating system and will send out someone to access the current setup so they can understand more of what will be required to provide the upgrades. Once they are happy with the information gathered, a team will be sent your home to begin work on upgrading your home with a new more energy efficient heating system. 

Once the assessment has been made the installer will provide an estimated time frame of how long the work will take from start to completion. The time will vary however depending on accessibility for removal of older heating systems and equipment but generally should be completed in only a few days.