Energy Team helps homeowners take control, increase comfort, and reduce home energy bills.

We have helped homeowners install solutions and equipment that has resulted in them being much warmer and more comfortable, but also saving money, this was achieved through installations that had minimal disruption to them in their homes.

We have helped Tony and Lena Flanagan be more comfortable in their home and save on their fuel bills

We can guide you on simple steps to:

  • Conserve energy in your home
  • Greater efficiency in using energy
  • Understand what is renewable energy
  • What are the sources of renewable energy
  • The new technologies and products you need to be using in managing the energy needs in your home

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“In fuel we are using less than half of what we were using I don’t have to go out for more fuel in the evening time” Tony Flanagan
“With the wood burning stove in my living room the room is a lot warmer and very comfortable” Lena Flanagan